Meet Mrs. Hua

 Margie Hua

B.A. from UW-Stevens Point
Masters of Arts in Education from Viterbo University with a Reading Teacher emphasis
Colloquy through CUEnet
 Subject Area(s):  English, Spanish, English as a Second Language
Extra-Curricular(s): National Honor Society Advisor
About Mrs. Hua: Margie and her husband Thai have 3 sons: Josh, Toby, and Owen. All three will be attending St. Paul's, Grafton this year. The family lives in Fredonia and attends St. Andrew Lutheran Church. All enjoy hiking, playing with LEGOs, board games, and reading.
Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11
Why send students to Living Word? Living Word has a welcoming environment and the faculty work as a team to create a wonderful Christ-centered place to grow. There are so many opportunities for students, but by attending school here, they get to hear about Jesus daily. When we are surrounded by friends, co-workers, teachers, and coaches who all point us to Jesus, we will not stray from the truth.