Living Word Global Education Partnership

Living Word Lutheran is proud to develop partner school campuses overseas.  Our inaugural international campus is Living Word-Shanghai.  Students at the Shanghai campus have excellent teachers and educational resources at their fingertips, but the experience is enhanced by a pool of accredited resources including curriculum, guidance services, and access to dual credit courses provided by Living Word Lutheran in Jackson, WI, and it's domestic partners.  

Registered LW-Shanghai students are treated as one of our own students with dedicated yearbook pages, collaborative tasks with domestic students, credited courses, and upon program completion, a Living Word diploma!  LW-Shanghai students have an open invitation to study at our US campus where they can participate in co-curricular activities such as drama, music, and athletics.  Plus, they have access to summer educational camp opportunities.

We are proud to provide an excellent global education opportunity with our friends and partners at Living Word-Shanghai.

FAQ Living Word Global Partnership

Click here to read about frequently asked questions in regard to our global partnerships.  Contact Principal Dave Miskimen at with further questions.