Living Word Lutheran High School is proud to introduce the Living Word Lutheran Alumni Association, (LWLAA).


Any former Living Word student can become a member.


Simply by giving a gift in the dollar amount of your choice. Alumni will be able to choose from options such as a one time donation, monthly or annual donations. Alumni can select from three categories as to what they would like their donation to be used for. The three categories are the Living Word High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, Living Word Athletics, or the Living Word Fine Arts department. 


Becoming a member of the LWLAA automatically enrolls you as part of the election committee that will nominate and vote on fellow alums entering the Hall of Honor, as well as an Alumnus of the Year to be honored at graduation. Becoming a member also grants you reduced rates at certain events such as the annual golf outing and auction. Lastly, becoming a member also gets you a physical gift that will allow you to show that you are a proud member of the Alumni Association.