English Department

The English Department at Living Word seeks to provide a core of English skills during the freshman and sophomore years so that students will be prepared by junior and senior year for specialized elective credits and college preparatory coursework. Above all, the focus of the English Department is to train students to consider literature and its ideas from a Christian worldview, and to appreciate the importance and beauty of language as a God-given gift.

The English Department is Designed to:

Develop students’ appreciation for literature, both classic and contemporary, and understand the importance and beauty of language
Expose students to a variety of cultures and worldviews through literature, and be able to discuss and compare those perspectives with a Christian worldview
Cultivate in students the tools for reading, writing, and speaking that can be adapted to various audiences and situations

Courses Offered:

Grammar & Comp for ELL

English 9 or Honors English 9

English 10 or Honors English 10

Expository Writing & Speech

Film and Literature & Modern Literature

Writing Workshop

AP English Literature

AP English Language


English Faculty: