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The Spanish Department at Living Word features aggressively paced, challenging courses geared towards acquainting beginning students with the language and promoting fluency with advanced students. Participants acquire an average of 500 vocabulary words and four verb tenses per year of course work. Living Word alumni who have taken all four years of Spanish have consistently performed well in college-level classes.

Spanish students are encouraged to learn the language through speaking, listening, reading, written work, and during group and individual projects. Building a strong working vocabulary and the acquisition of verbs are of great focus in the first two years. In addition to learning the language, students are exposed to the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries through art, literature, music, photography, personal stories, and their own research. Most importantly, the students will have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding, compassion, and love for the children of God in Spanish-speaking countries.

We offer an immersion trip every other January to Costa Rica. Students stay with host families, attend immersion classes, participate in service projects, and travel to see local sites including a coffee plantation, butterfly farm, volcano, hot springs, and a rain forest adventure. It is truly a wonderful life-changing experience!  Click here to view a slideshow of their 2016 trip.

Courses Offered:

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV


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