Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department of Living Word Lutheran High School offers a comprehensive mathematics curriculum. Students are required to take a total of three credits in mathematics while at LWLHS.

Some students entering Living Word will start their high school coursework with Algebra I, the traditional introductory course in understanding and building algebraic skills and concepts.

Following Algebra I (taken either in middle school or at Living Word), students usually take Geometry. This course enables students to develop an understanding of two and three dimensional geometric concepts and computations. Geometry also includes communication through formal logical argument.

In order to properly prepare to meet entrance requirements at most universities, students must next take Algebra 2, a full year course to review and greatly extend concepts and skills learned in Algebra 1.

Electives beyond Algebra 2 include Pre-Calculus, a full year course with almost half of it devoted to mastering topics in the area of trigonometry.

The final three course electives are Calculus, Statistics, and Personal Finance. Calculus is a one credit course that gives the students an opportunity to take the Calculus Advanced Placement exam at the end of the year. Statistics is a one semester course exposing students to statistical topics often required at the university level. Personal Finance is a one semester course focusing on managing ones finances.

Mathematics students at Living Word have a variety of opportunities to participate in state and national mathematics competitions. Students of all grade levels can participate in a series of six Wisconsin Mathematics League tests, once a month from October to March. In December, approximately thirty students are invited to participate in the statewide Mathematics Association of America Test. This is followed in February by the national American Mathematics Competition. Finally, in March, a team of eight Living Word students competes in the State of Wisconsin team competition. Many Living Word students enjoy these challenging opportunities.

The Mathematics Program is designed to :

Develop numerical literacy skills. This includes an appreciation and understanding of numbers and symbols and how they are used.
Broaden each student’s understanding of the language of mathematics and the ability to use this language to communicate effectively.
Give each student the tools to analyze examples, create generalizations, and apply them to new situations.
Incorporate technology as a tool in solving problems to gain deeper insights into math concepts and their connection to the real world.
Assist students to come to a greater appreciation of the order God placed in His universe upon its creation

Course Offerings:


Algebra 1
Algebra 2/Trigonometry
Advanced Algebra 2/Trigonometry
AP Calculus
AP Statistics

Mathematics Faculty:

Kim Ehley
Jonny Balsman
Melissa Greener