Religion Department

The Religion Department of Living Word, along with classes in every academic area, aid students in understanding that faith is not just one aspect of life, but the perspective from which one acts in all areas.

The sequence of religion classes provides students with a foundational knowledge of the Bible through the first two years (Old Testament and New Testament) and further application of this knowledge in specific areas of life and ministry in the following years.

Students also have semi-weekly opportunities to gather as a group to further delve into God’s Word. These chapel devotional times are led by faculty members, student groups, and area church leaders. Students also have various opportunities to put faith in practice outside the routine of daily life by partaking in mission trips.

Religion Department is designed to help students:

Learn facts (names and dates) to provide context
Gain knowledge of what is written
See the Bible as one cohesive work – God’s plan of salvation from Creation

Apply biblical principles to all areas of life (relationships, dating, marriage, family, working together with peoples of all faiths)
Become effective messengers of the Gospel in and to the world

Courses offered:

Intro to Christianity or New Testament  

Old Testament

Christian Ethics & Family

World Religions & Religion and Literature

The Christian Faith & Faith Applications

Religion Department Faculty:

Nick Smedal
Tim Zbytniewski