Department Description:

If science is an accumulation of knowledge of the natural world, then the science department of Living Word embarks on developing a working knowledge in its students who, in turn, seek to contribute to the ever-expanding fields of science. For the students at Living Word, science courses are not limited to the recall of the works of scientists past, but are also a testing ground for modern developments, as well as a forum for new discovery.

Experience and observation are tantamount to the process of understanding and mastery through discovery. Therefore, extensive laboratory work offers students a broad understanding of the nature of science and its processes. Furthermore, students will be regularly challenged to make decisions contemplating the relations between science, technology, and society.

The core science curriculum includes Biology and Chemistry, which leads to choices among upper level electives that suit the individual academic pursuits and interests. Ongoing developments within the curriculum include the Physics Phrenzy competitions, off campus visits to cadaver labs, on- and off-site ecological labs, as well as the South Pond Ichthyology Lab.

The Science Program is designed to:

Develop in students a scientific perspective to create and apply specific criteria to identify, analyze and evaluate evidence and explanations of the natural world.
Provide students with the tools to acquire and apply new knowledge to new and existing problems, solving them with increasing frequency and complexity.
Present students with an array of opportunities to integrate major scientific themes, such as energy, increasing complexities, form and function, across various scientific disciplines.
Provide students with extensive occasion to use technology for the acquisition, analysis and presentation of data.

Stand in awesome wonder of our Lord’s design and our place in it.
Be taken in three years.

Students may decide to pursue a concentration in Life or Physical sciences beyond the core offerings of Biology and Chemistry, or they may accumulate a knowledge that is equally representative of both of these arms of science.

Course Offerings:

Life Science or Biology

Earth Science

Chemistry or Honors Chemistry

Physics or Applied Physics

Anatomy and Physiology

AP Chemistry

AP Biology