In an age where computers and Internet use is increasingly useful and essential, it is important to better understand the background, design, and development of technology. Living Word’s technology department strives to continue to offer students an opportunity to properly use this essential tool in a God-pleasing manner. The department is constantly changing as the fields of technology change. Living Word attempts to offer students courses necessarily to develop skills and values relative to being an effective student and professional working in and with technology today.

The Technology Department is designed to:

Introduce and further develop basic computing and technological understanding
Offer tools to become a more effective user personally, academically, and professionally
Nurture a technology environment encouraging God-pleasing values and principles

Courses Offered:

Computer Applications
Technology in Today's World
Mobile App Development
Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting & Design
Introduction to Engineering with Solidworks
Introduction to Web Design
Introduction to Graphic Design

Technology Faculty:

Tim Gast