What is Winterim?

  • Each year, students will take a 3-week intensive course in January before they start their 2 nd semester classes. They
    will receive .5 credits for this course toward graduation. 

  • There are approximately 14 courses to pick from, including various trips, career preparation with job shadows, and internships. 

  • Students request their courses, which are then assigned based on seniority. 

  • Class sizes are typically 10-15 students, and they all incorporate hands-on and experiential learning, inside and outside the classroom. 

  • Many of the Winterim courses are listed in the following course descriptions as semester courses, but the offerings tend to change year to year in order to offer the students more variety.

2018 Winterim Courses:

Oral Interpretation - Oral Interpretation is a fun, active class that will help students gain confidence in the dramatic arts and public-speaking in general, in addition to improving their reading comprehension skills.  No memorization of lines is required as students will be learning to dramatically read poetry and prose pieces for an audience.  Each day will include improvisational and movement games, character development work, selecting and analyzing of literature, and preparing for individual and pair performances. 

Athletic Careers and Fitness - This course will explore two areas in the world of sports and fitness. The first area of focus will be centered on CAREERS that have to do with sports  This class will be geared toward the student who might be considering a career in sports someday. Some examples might be Physical Therapy, Sports Psychology, Public Relations Manager, Statistician, Advertising, Events Coordinator, Broadcaster, Photojournalist, Teaching and Coaching. The students will travel around the Milwaukee area seeing these professionals in action and in some cases the professionals will be coming to LW to tell about their career paths.  The students will also spend a day shadowing a professional  in their workplace. The second area of focus will be exploring PERSONAL FITNESS OPPORTUNITIES. The class will be traveling to different area fitness centers and participating in classes such as spin, bootcamp, yoga, crossfit, pilates, and kickboxing.

Astronomy - Astronomy is the science of the heavens. This course exposes students to things truly “out of this world” as we consider the nebulae, star systems, and cosmic structures that make up our universe. This course also explores the history of science via one of its most ancient established fields.

Theology in Film - Film buffs wanted! In this class, we simulate the “ride home” discussions from the theater that we do with friends and family all day long. When you watched this film, are you feeling things that the director manipulated you to feel? What is the message that this film is trying to tell through sound, camera angles, lighting, or perspective? This message has a place in our society today and we as Christians should be able to analyze these thoroughly and debate how we should respond. Current and historical film is studied to show an appreciation of all film and how our beliefs have changed in society. Students will present this knowledge with a movie of their own, as well as an-depth analysis of a movie of their choosing. Our final will be a trip to the Rivoli for our own personal and private moving showing.