What is Winterim?

  • Each year, students will take a 3-week intensive course in January before they start their 2nd semester classes. 
  • They will receive .5 credits for this course toward graduation. 
  • There are approximately 14 courses to pick from, including various trips, career preparation with job shadows, and internships. 
  • Students request their courses, which are then assigned based on seniority. 
  • Class sizes are typically 10-15 students, and they all incorporate hands-on and experiential learning, inside and outside the classroom. 
  • Many of the Winterim courses are listed in the following course descriptions as semester courses, but the offerings tend to change year to year in order to offer the students more variety.

2019-2020 Winterim Courses:


ACT Preparation (mini-course in addition to main course)

Astronomy or Apologetics (alternating years)

Athletic Careers and Fitness

Drivers’ Education (mini-course in addition to main course)

Feasting on Words

Genre Study: Detective and Thriller Fiction

History of Baseball in America or American Government (alternating years)

Internship/Job Shadow

Leadership Seminar (mini-course in addition to main course)

Life Skills (Shop, Auto, Health Science, Woodworking, Finance, Home Ec, Self-Defense)

Mixed Media, Mosaics, or Theater/Set Design (alternating years)

Oral Interpretation

School-sponsored (when available) or approved individual mission trip

Snapshots in American History

Songwriting, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz, or Guitar (alternating years)

Strength, Conditioning, and Coaching Styles

Theology in Film

Theories of Learning/Animal Training