The Art Department at Living Word operates under three basic principles: first, every individual has artistic ability that can be discovered and classically trained; secondly, each student deserves an environment that allows them to creatively express those gifts in a unique manner; finally the act of creation is our first awareness of God, clearly ordained as a gift and a process of the human experience.

The introductory course, Art Fundamentals, consists of two semesters during which the students will be given a foundation in the Elements and Principles of Design. Great emphasis is placed on learning how to draw from observation, the basis for all other art forms. Art History is also stressed in this course, affording the students better understanding as to how each movement gave way to the next, the context of movements to the societal climate in which they were formed, and the cultural significance of art, both historically and today.

Once this important groundwork has been laid, students may continue their art studies in higher level courses, focusing on painting, ceramics, or sculpture. Advanced students may engage in independent study work, where they receive advice, help with setting goals, and an environment that leaves room for personal interpretation, individual divergence, and the development of a focused style.

Courses Offered:

Art Fundamentals I and II
Painting I and II
Ceramics I and II
Mixed Media
3-Dimensional Art
Graphic Design
Independent Study

Art Faculty:

Heather Oeshsner