Curriculum - The LWLHS Music Department exists to foster a lifetime of service and leadership in the Church and world, enabling students to serve as musicians throughout their entire lives. To this end, the Music Curriculum at LWLHS shapes "complete musicians." Students are tested for prior knowledge and met at their individual level by the curriculum which includes music theory, aural skills, music history, composition, and ensembles skills. Curriculum is divided into levels 1-4. Completion of level one is required for entry into auditioned ensembles (A Cappella Choir, BasiC).


A Cappella - Founded in 2006 under the direction of Mr. Aaron Staub, the A Cappella choir was the first auditioned ensemble of Living Word Lutheran High School's short history. It has since flourished into a thriving, vibrant ensemble. The 36-voice choir performs many times a year, serves in congregational worship, community events, and aids in chapel music at LWLHS. Comprised of sophomores-seniors, the singers embark on domestic tours annually, bringing the Gospel and mission of LWLHS to the nation through music. The group has been honored to perform with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra as part of their Teen Choral Partner program, and looks forward to similar opportunities in the future. The ensemble maintains the heritage of church music, while also delving into contemporary literature, and is devoted to studying the art and science of music.  One year of experience in Bella Voce or Brothers is required prior to auditioning for A Cappella.

Bella Voce - Bella Voce is LWLHS' premier women's choir. The group is comprised of freshman-seniors, and offers singers the opportunity to be challenged as a vocalist, perform high level literature, and enjoy the fellowship of sisters in Christ through our interactions as well as "Tea Time" discussions. The group performs regularly in concert and is open to all who wish to participate. 

Brothers - LWLHS features a men's choir called "Brothers." In this group we seek to develop in musicianship and manhood. This class challenges young men to step out as leaders in the Church and world by developing their voices. Singing a variety of literature, we take time to work with voices of all levels, challenging each young man to be the best that he can be. The group also incorporates skills for leadership through our "man time" program. To find out more, ask a Brother.  

Concert Band  -  An LWLHS feature instrumental ensemble, the Concert Band performs traditional literature. We seek to honor God through the playing of our instruments. In doing so, we discover the amazing gift that He has given us. Musicians in Concert Band should expect to be challenged to practice diligently, to grow immensely, and to grow lasting relationships with their fellow players. Concert Band is open to all, though pervious instrumental experience is helpful. 

BASIC  -  BASIC stands for Brothers and Sisters In Christ. The group serves as the resident chapel ensemble, providing music in various styles for use in worship, primarily focusing on contemporary worship. Beyond regular rehearsal as well as playing for chapels and services around the area, the group devotes itself to the study of worship theology, constantly seeking to glorify God through its music, to edify His people through their leadership, and to grow as His followers through study and prayer.

Chamber Ensemble  -  The Chamber Ensemble is dedicated to glorifying God at school and within our community through the gift of music.  Students will study advanced instrumental literature for the small ensemble, representing a wide variety of musical styles and time periods.  In addition to this, students will also practice the skills of transposing, arranging, and composing.  Audition is required for entry into this class, as well as one previous year of high school music ensemble experience.


T-Wolf Drumline  -  Coached by experienced percussionist, Dave Kaemmer, the T-wolf Drumline serves as LWLHS' athletic group. Devoting themselves to the study of rhythm, the group performs at half-times and pre-games throughout the season. 

The Minors  -  The Minors are a small group of auditioned singers who perform music in today's popular acappella style. Featuring sounds similar to those of Pentatonix, Vocal Point, Rockapella, etc., the ensemble challenges singers to rise to the difficult requirements of modern acappella music. See them in concert! 

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