Living Word Lutheran Scrip Program

  • What is Scrip?

Scrip is "substitute money"
When consumers purchase scrip, they receive negotiable certificates or cards that can be used like cash to purchase products or services from merchants who have issued them.
Scrip can be used to purchase anything from groceries, fuel, clothing, toys, and cosmetics to entertainment, electronics, home improvement, or household services.
Offering freedom of choice and versatility, scrip is also a great gift idea for anyone and any occasion.
Nevertheless, What makes scrip a valuable and effective fundraising tool for your organization is that as your members use it to buy their favorite products and services, they generate all or a portion of the much needed funds for your cause, projects, or program

How does Scrip reduce my tuition?

Living Word buys Scrip from the Great Lakes Scrip Center and some local retailers at a discount and re-sells the cards or certificates to you for full face value.  The income from the discount is used to offset your tuition or it may be used to support Living Word directly. 

Do I have to sell anything?

The reason for the effectiveness of Scrip is simple: families generate revenue through the purchases that they would normally make.  You may enlist relatives, friends, and neighbors to buy Scrip on your behalf.  However, unlike other fundraising programs, Scrip families do not have to "sell" anything. 

When can I purchase Scrip?

Scrip sales take place all year long.  You may pick the order up, have it sent, or it can be sent with your child after you sign a waiver allowing Living Word to do so.

How much can I buy?

There is no minimum or maximum requirement.
Can I use Scrip to pay department store charge account balances?
Certain retailers allow one to make charge account balance payments with Scrip.  Please check with the retailer first. 

Can I buy Scrip online?

Scrip can be purchased online.  You must register an account (be sure to associate the account with Living Word Lutheran High) Go to LWLHS’s enrollment code is: DDAD689911897