What is Scrip?

●      Gift cards that you purchase at face value.

●      The gift cards offer a rebate ranging from 1% to 18%

●      Earn money every day on the purchases you're already making just by paying with a gift card you ordered from ShopWithScrip.  


How does Scrip work?

●      Each retailer offers a rebate percentage back to you on the gift card you purchase. Your scrip savings (rebate) will be applied to your family’s account to help offset the cost of your tuition. There are also options for those who do not have current students to help support the high school by applying scrip savings to programs such as the scholarship program, fine arts department or one of our many athletic programs.

●      Set up a PrestoPay account with Living Word - this secure process allows you to make your scrip purchases online or by mobile device without the need to drop a check off at school. It also allows you to make instant purchases with many retailers. This means that you can have your scrip available to use within minutes of purchasing it, maybe even as you are getting ready to check out at a store or online retail site.

●      Check out the shopwithscrip.com website for a full list of participating retailers

●      Download the MyScripWallet app to use your Scrip on the go.


Some useful tips to help you make the most of Scrip:

●      You can purchase stamps at local grocery service desks using your scrip card

●      Great for budgeting with gas and grocery purchases

●      Kohl’s scrip can be used to pay off Kohl’s credit card balances

●      You can even earn rebates as you vacation with retailers such as Disney, Best Western, Holiday Inn, and Royal Caribbean

●      Scrip gift cards make for great gift giving


If you are interested in finding out more about scrip or wish to join, check out shopwithscrip.com or contact Cheryl Wipperfurth at cwipperfurth71@gmail.com