Living Word International Student Program

Living Word Lutheran High School is committed to offering a quality, Christian education to all students both local and from abroad.  A very important part of our growing school is the international culture and the presence our international students have on campus.  Over Living Word's school history it has proudly served students from around the globe including students from Korea, China, Taiwan, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain.  

Living Word encourages all of our students, domestic and international, to be well-rounded young adults.  Students are not only immersed in a college preparatory curriculum that includes rigorous academics but also have the opportunity to challenge themselves with College Board Advanced Placements courses and dual-credit college courses.  A majority of Living Word students not only succeed in the classroom but are challenged to grow outside of it as well with opportunities in athletics, drama, music and fine arts.  

Most importantly, Living Word offers a challenging environment balanced with one that values each student, attending to their individual needs.  The international programs and services in place ensure each student from abroad has appropriate guidance to ensure students adjust, succeed, and grow.  

International student tuition differs from the local students due to Living Word's local congregational financial support for the traditional students.  Additionally, Living Word provides international students with unique support services (i.e. English as a Second Language classes), student housing and meals, and weekend activities and experiences that are included in the overall tuition and fees.