International Fees and Travel Dates

Families that have received a letter of acceptance from Living Word need to submit a Financial Agreement Form.

Tuition and Fees:

  1. The annual international boarding student package includes student tuition and fees, English as a Second Language courses (ESL), academic support services, health insurance, airport transport for major holidays [see travel calendar] and on-campus suite housing with three meals each day.  This total package is $45,000 per academic year.
  2. The residence hall is open one week prior to the opening of school in the fall and one week after school closing in the spring.
  3. The residence hall closes during the two major school holidays of Christmas and Spring Break. These dates are on the school Academic Calendar and travel dates for the year are provided in the fall to all enrolled students.
  4. LWLHS does not provide student housing during the summer months.


International Travel Calendar for 2018 - 2019


●     The student residence hall will open August 15, 2018 and close May 26, 2019.

●     The student residence hall will be closed from December 23, 2018 to January 4, 2019 for winter break.  All students need to
make arrangements to be out of the residence hall.

Dates: All flights should arrive and depart from O’Hare Airport, Chicago

○     New Students Arrival: August 15, 2018
○     Returning Students Arrival: August 17, 2018

     Semester Break: residence hall will close

Departure: December 22, 2018
■     Arrival: January 5, 2018
■     Arrival- second semester new students: January 26, 2019

     Spring Break: travel is optional – residence hall will remain open
■     Departure: March 23, 2019
■     Arrival: March 30, 2019

     End of School Year:
■     Departure: May 26, 2019

  ●     The Living Word Lutheran High School will transport students to and from O’Hare airport for no charge on scheduled arrival and departure dates.

  ●     Departure and arrival times and flight numbers should be emailed to the Resident Life Coordinator and the Global Education Director at least one month prior to flights at

  ●     Students needing transportation during non-scheduled departure/arrival dates, or from an airport other than O’Hare - Chicago, will need to secure their own transportation to the Living Word LHS campus.