Tuition & Financial Aid


The annual tuition for a traditional student of the 2019-2020 school year is $8300.  This is before any tuition assistance.  Living Word Lutheran DOES provide financial aid packages.  There are no activity or sports fees at Living Word. Please contact Mr. Dave Miskimen especially in the event that financial difficulty may burden your decision to attend Living Word.

The tuition for additional students from the same family is $1000 less than the initial member of the family. A registration fee (refundable until August 1st) is due when the student’s initial application for enrollment is filed. The registration fee must be paid before a student will be considered for financial aid or allowed to attend classes. A student will be responsible for the tuition of any grading period (9-week quarter) in which he/she is enrolled, i.e., a part of a quarter’s attendance will constitute a full quarter’s tuition. Living Word Lutheran DOES provide financial aid packages. Please contact Mr. Dave Miskimen especially in the event that financial difficulty may burden your decision to attend Living Word.

Registration fees are as follows:

By December 31 - $200 registration fee applied towards tuition, plus an additional $250 tuition credit

By March 1 - $200 registration fee applied toward tuition

By April 15 - Financial aid application due

Tuition Responsibility & Payment of Accounts:

The Board of Directors sets the tuition rate and other fees annually. The parents and/or guardian of these students are notified of these changes both by letter and through the annual publication of the student handbook.

All payments for tuition and other necessary and normal charges are to be paid in accordance with one of the schedules offered and selected by the parent or guardian. (Please see LWLHS Delinquent Tuition Policy Document)

Viewing the relationship of Christian people within the school family, the Board of Directors has authorized the Administrator (Principal) to approve special payment schedules for students (parents and/or guardians) who experience adverse financial circumstances, but demonstrate a desire and ability to pay fully their obligation to the Association.

Financial Aid

In addition to its supporting association churches tuition aid, Living Word Lutheran High does offer financial aid to those determined to be in need of assistance.  Please contact Living Word principal, Mr. Dave Miskimen, with inquiries/questions.

Click here to access the financial aid application through FACTS Management.  Please note:  Online enrollment is required before applying for financial aid.

Tuition Voucher through Private School Choice Program

Families who meet the standards set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction may apply for a voucher to Living Word based on household income and residency requirements.  A voucher may be applied for through either the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program or the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program, depending on your residency.  We advise all applicants to consider applying for the voucher first, and then apply for Tuition Assistance through FACTS if they do not qualify.  Please use the link below to apply for School Choice.