International Student Tours

During the summer, Living Word students are able to travel the world through our International Student Tours program. Learn more about the travel destinations coming up soon!

2022 to DUBLIN, LONDON, PARIS [departure in June 2022]

A stunner of a trip.  These three capitals bring the full package: an amazing combination of literature, history, and classic landmarks.  From James Joyce to Shakespeare to Victor Hugo; from ancient Gaelic streets to a former empire to the birthplace of the Enlightenment; from St. Patrick’s Cathedral to Big Ben to the Eiffel Tower - discover the rich heritage of three proud cities.  

If you'd like more information about the trip, please contact Bryan Oechsner at

dublin, ireland.jpg

Dublin, Ireland


London, England

paris, france.jpeg

Paris, France

Bryan Oechsner


Contact Bryan Oechsner, International Student Tours Leader, at or 262-677-9353.