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The student body and staff as a whole are incredible. Coming to Living Word halfway through my high school career, I was apprehensive that I would not make meaningful connections with others; I thought that I was too far behind and there wouldn't be enough time. More than I can express, this school has included me and made me feel valued as a person far more than any other place I've been. The community we have is truly a blessing.
- Katie Kubiak, Class of 2022

Why Living Word?

We are often asked a simple question: “Why Living Word?”  Such a simple question, but one that is most easily answered by those who have partnered with us over the years in producing graduates who are high achievers:  service professionals, community leaders, and captains of industry.  To answer that question, we turn to our stakeholders:  our parents, alumni, and students.

The answer came back, loud and clear!  According to our hundreds of responses...

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We are community.


At Living Word, your child will be transformed through quality, lasting relationships with peers, teachers, and families.  Living Word is a community of high achievers who support each other, challenge each other, and celebrate each other.  Our graduates move on to new challenges with great confidence because of the confidence and interpersonal relationships they develop while attending our classes, performing on our stages, and competing in our venues.


We provide opportunity.


At Living Word, your child will be challenged and empowered to take advantage of a wealth of opportunity in the classroom, in co-curricular endeavors, and access to far more opportunity beyond graduation.  Living Word students have access to earning 24-96 university credits.  These are transferable credits to the vast majority of colleges and universities resulting in the savings of tens of thousands of dollars.  Beyond the classroom, Living Word students are transformed into multi-talented young adults who compete with high quality opponents in athletics, engage the community through internship and service, and produce the highest of caliber fine arts.


We live eternity.

At Living Word, your child will grow in his/her walk with God.   They will be transformed by the Word.  Each day, our students witness the models of high caliber character, service, and standard that are our teachers and coaches.  At Living Word, we recognize that your child is a unique Child of God bestowed with particular gifts and abilities.  Our record proves that the formula for successfully maximizing that potential is to start with daily strengthening of relationships with our Creator through a practical religion curriculum, daily prayer and devotion, interactive chapel, and opportunities to practice servant-leadership.

Hank Bell, Class of 2020

Hank Bell, Class of 2020

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Hank Bell, LWLHS Class of 2020

Listen to Hank Bell, LWLHS graduate from the Class of 2020, explain the impact an education at Living Word had on his life following graduation.

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