Academics Overview

Living Word Lutheran High School provides a fully accredited, comprehensive, college preparatory academic program.  LWLHS offers a curriculum that prepares students for the demands of college, career, and beyond. Our 21st Century Classroom Initiative fosters student growth in creative problem-solving skills, productive collaboration, reading, writing, digital literacy, and critical thinking. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. Elements of online learning are incorporated into the traditional classroom experience to provide a real-world blended learning environment. With “Christ as our foundation,” it is understood that the Biblically Christian worldview will be part of each classroom and extra-curricular activity.

College Prep Curriculum

Living Word Lutheran offers a rigorous curriculum that will prepare students for university studies. We develop students in various disciplines like business, English, fine arts, foreign, language, math, theology, science, and social studies.

Average Class Size 

The average class size is 20 students. This size allows students to develop closer relationships with their teachers, which positively affects their academic experience.

Personal Device 1:1 Program

Living Word Lutheran High School requires every student to have his or her device (laptop/Chromebook) for school to use on a daily basis.  While these will not be utilized every day in class, the frequent application of 21st Century learning experiences will require students to have regular access to this resource.

Honor Academy

The Honor Academy exists to challenge and develop students with interests in various disciplines like Music, Humanities, and Leadership Seminar. Each academy pushes students with advanced coursework, community engagement, and a capstone project.


Before the start of second semester, Living Word offers a three week Winterim term.  Winterim offers courses that would not normally be offered during a typical semester. These course are hands-on and often lead to educational field trips and projects.

Student Resources

We provide various resources for students who need extra help or assistance in the classroom. We offer academic accommodations like more time on tests, extra help with tutors, and a resource study hall. If you feel your child may need academic assistance, contact Mrs. Kim Ehley, Guidance Counselor, and learn more on how we can work together to create an academic success plan.


Living Word Lutheran High School provides a quality Christian education for lifelong leadership and service in God's kingdom.


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