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College & Career Guidance

Dual Credit Program

Dual credit coursework provides real-world, college-level experience for students while they complete their high school education. They get a feeling for college-level academia, as well as expectations, and earn actual college credit in addition to their high school credit.

Living Word partners with Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) to offer college dual credit courses.  Courses include Sociology, Psychology, Accounting, Marketing, Computer Science, and more. These dual credit classes are 15 weeks in duration​​​​

Dual credit coursework at our partner universities is typically accepted as transfer credits at nearly 100% of accredited universities across the country, as long as students have achieved a final grade of at least 78%.

Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP)


In addition to the current college credit programs we offer, Living Word is now part of the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) with UW-Oshkosh. The following classes offered at Living Word Lutheran taught by our teachers who currently qualify for CAPP (prerequisites may apply): AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus, AP Language, Creative Writing, and Film and Literature. The credits that students earn are from UW-Oshkosh, but these credits are transferable to other universities.

High school juniors or seniors who meet at least one of the following requirements can enroll in CAAP:

  • Class rank in the top 25 percent

  • GPA of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale  

  • ACT score of 24 and class rank in the top 50 percent

Click here to learn more about the advantages of CAPP at LWLHS.


Youth Apprentice Program

Living Word is a member of the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program - Wisconsin's statewide School-to-Work initiative.  It is designed for high school students who want hands-on learning in an occupation at a work-site, along with classroom instruction. This one-year or two-year elective program combines academic and technical instruction with mentored on-the-job training.

Adviser Meetings

Each Junior meets with Mrs. Kim Ehley, guidance counselor. Mrs. Ehley acts as a personal guide to walk with students through the college search and application process. Juniors have meetings with Mrs. Ehley to help discuss:

  • the right college fit

  • finding scholarships

  • application requirements

  • time management and organization when applying for college

Each Senior will meet with Mrs. Ehley 3-4 times during the first semester. Additional meetings will take place throughout the second semester to ensure the path to college is as smooth as possible. During these meetings, you will discuss college acceptance letters, financial aid packages, transcript needs, and any additional questions you have.

ACT Test Score Data

The average composite score results, LWLHS college bound students:

  • LWLHS Composite: 25.0

  • State of Wisconsin: 20.7

  • National Average: 20.8

The average scores by subject area, LWLHS college bound students:

  • Math: LWLHS 22.7; WI Avg.: 20.5

  • Science: LWLHS 23.3;  WI Avg.: 20.6

  • English: LWLHS 23.3;  WI Avg.: 19.4

  • Reading: LWLHS 24.5; WI Avg: 20.4


Where Our Grads Go

LWLHS has a 100% graduation rate. Ninety-five percent of LWLHS graduates attend four-year colleges and universities across the country. The remaining 5% of LWLHS grads attend two-year colleges, join the military, or begin their careers.

Living Word Lutheran graduates have gone on to these universities and many more! Some examples include:​

Michigan State University.png
michigan tech.png
Parsons School of Design.png
uw madison.png
University of Missouri.png
Marquette University.png
Penn State.png
University of Minnesota.png

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