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Our Mission

Opening God's word. Opening kids' worlds.

The Living Word Difference

Living Word Lutheran is a family of diverse students, parents, and teachers. It is a place where students come first - their best interests, their success and their plans for the future. Staff and parents collaborate on the academic and spiritual growth of each child, helping students recognize that their value does not come from others, but from who God created them to be.

To develop curious minds and courageous hearts, all Living Word students are challenged to actively explore diverse coursework, electives, and co-curricular activities. We strive to draw the very best out of our students and encourage them to play an active role in shaping their educational experience. When students' voices are heard by teachers and peers, their confidence increases, their success in an unpredictable world is ensured, and their potential to impact others for good multiplies. 

We meet the needs of students in various ways:

  • Teachers, coaches, and administrators all know our students by name; we don't let anyone get lost in the shuffle

  • We provide opportunities for growth outside of the classroom; students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as athletics and theater (they don't have to choose, they can do both here!)

  • All of our staff members have a Christian world-view and help students grow in their faith

  • We offer rigorous academics and apply innovative teaching methods, a unique curriculum, and challenging course offerings

  • In all of our academics, athletics, and other activities Christ is at the core


At Living Word, we will meet your student where they are at and lead them to something bigger, so they can meet the world where it's at, and lead it to something better.


We are uniquely positioned to service students at an individual level.  Students are never just a number here. Each is a precious child of God and is treated as such.

Don't just take our word for it...hear from our graduates.

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LWLHS offers a curriculum that will prepare your child for the demands of college, career, and beyond.  With “Christ as our foundation,” it is understood that the Biblically Christian worldview will be part of each classroom.

Living Word Lutheran Timberwolves athletics exist to augment academic and spiritual development of your child by positively contributing to the school-wide goal of developing the total person in Jesus Christ. 

Living Word provides the opportunity for your child to explore and express their God-given talents through art, drama, music, and more! 


Take a closer look with your Parent Info Packet

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