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Personalized Christian Education

Living Word Lutheran High School provides a fully accredited and comprehensive academic program.  From an academic standpoint, our goal is to meet your child where they are at and provide them with the tools to excel beyond that point and grow into a well rounded student.

We can create a individualized academic experience for your child!


  • Strong academic student who wants to be challenged

  • AP Courses

  • Online Dual Credit 

  • CAPP for Math & English for college credit

  • Honor Academy


  • Courses to take to keep on track to go to college

  • Honors & Advanced Courses available

  • Internship opportunities


  • Extra time on tests or quizzes during class

  • Resource Study Hall

  • Lower level course offerings in subject areas

  • SNSP Program

The distinctives of the Living Word Lutheran High School education are:

  • Biblical integration throughout, stemming from a Christian world view.

  • Writing across the curriculum with strong support of grammar, and development of persuasive argument.

  • Reading source literature with a critical eye, asking important questions.

  • Making connections between all the disciplines, mathematics and science, literature and history, art and philosophy, etc.

  • Equipping students with knowledge and skill to become life-long learners.

  • Growing students who are articulate and critical thinkers.

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