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Transitioning from Middle School to High School

Updated: May 17, 2021

Written by Melissa Greener, LWLHS Math Teacher & Middle School Spanish Teacher

Finally, you are not a kid anymore; you have made it to high school. The next four years of your life, you will become independent, learn to drive, go to prom, and get one-step closer to college. This is the transitional moment in your life you have been waiting for, and it is finally here. Congratulations!

Although all of those things like independence, driving a car, and attending high school dances sound like fun things when thinking about the next four years of your life, your education will come first. Clearly, it is not nearly as exciting as prom; however, the academics are what allow you to get to each of those milestones you are eagerly awaiting. The classes become more vigorous, the teachers expect more, and you will be held to a higher responsibility. These are very important parts of your education!

The transition from middle school to high school is easy in some respects, but in others, it is more difficult. Teachers expect you to take notes regularly, study frequently, participate willingly, and question continually. These are the expectations that begin to turn you into an adult, but more importantly, give you the keys to success to advance your life in many ways.

At Living Word Lutheran High School, we help mold each student for success using these key transitional moments. However, we take it one-step further by integrating the "most important thing (MIT)." The MIT is integrating Christ and the message of salvation through Jesus in everything we do from math class to softball, musical production to lunch room, and science room to choir room. This transition into high school is a chance for your faith in Christ to grow as you will hear the Word daily, dive into devotions, be surround by Christian mentors and teachers, and have opportunities to serve others.

While the transition into high school may seem, at times, daunting, it should never feel scary. You will be surrounded by amazing teachers who care about you, who want to see you grow spiritually, academically, and physically. During these next four years, we are looking forward to seeing you grow into the person you were created to be. Enjoy it because it will be done before you know it.


Want to learn more about Living Word? A great way to experience everything we have to offer is to schedule a family visit. Feel free to contact John Winter, Director of Admissions & Marketing, at or 262-677-9353.


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